Saturday, 20 June 2015

Timehop. Me-made-may 9th-31st

Hello friends! It feels like I have been away for years, but in reality I've been away for only a month. And I'm sorry about that. Sometimes life has things in store for us that take us by storm and leave little to no time for some things. And this is exactly what happened. I have had a busy-busy month at work and as we got a puppy last month, let's just say, I have had my hands full. Not that I'm complaining. A busy studio is a good thing(esp for our wedding budget) and a puppy is too good to resist. I mean look at that face. How can you not spend every free minute petting and cuddling with that cute face. But now the dust has started to settle and I finally have got a few moments for myself and to breathe.

While I have quite a few posts lined up for you all, I do have a little debt. Me-Made-May. I participated, blogged about the first week and then went awol from the blogosphere. And now I'm going to make things right and show you what I wore and it also is a little teaser of some of the selfish sewing(and knitting) blog posts that are lined up.

9th of May
Flowerchild Moneta
Aiken Sweater
10th of May
Paisley Bruyére
Rtw jeans
11th of May
Lacy Moneta top,
Rtw jeans

12th of May
No selfie but I wore this.
Moneta sweater, rtw jeans
13th of May

Laurel dress
14th of May
Margot pajamas(unblogged)
Myrna cardigan
15th of May
Simplicity 1803 dress
Myrna Cardigan
16th of May
Hawthorn blouse
Rtw jeans
17th of May
Enid sweater, rtw jeans
Mickey tank top(unblogged)
18th of May
Burdastyle skirt(unblogged),
Lou Box top
rtw cardigan
19th of May
Sorbetto the Blue
Delphine skirt
Mint Miette
20th of May
Belcarra blouse,
Semi Circle skirt,
rtw cardigan

21st of May

Moneta in Red

22nd of May

Fancy Moneta

23rd of May
Moneta blouse,
Enid Sweater
rtw jeans
24th of May
Tate Top
Marble Gigners
rtw cardigan
25th of May

Fun Summer Tee
Marble Gingers
26th of May

Fun Summer Tee
Marble Gingers
27th of May
Bonnell dress
Mint Miette
28th of May
Tank Dress(unblogged)
Myrna Cardigan
29th of May
Floral Tap Shorts
Rtw cardigan and top
30th of May
Knock-off top(unblogged),
rtw jeans
31st of May
Miette cardian
rtw jeans and a refashioned top

As you can see I do have quite  few pieces I need to photograph and blog about, also I wanted to wear even more me-made things during May however the weather was too cold for many pieces(shorts) and I have misplaces some of my things(for example this dress. Yo, where you at?)

Anyways, it's good to be back. I have missed you all. What have you been up to?

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