Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Moneta Pleated Peplum Top 1 and 2

 It feels like all I talk about lately is the Moneta dress pattern by Colette Patterns. A little more and I should start the official Moneta Fan Club(if there already is one, can I join it like yesterday? Pretty please?) I mean I've already posted two dresses(one and two) and I see at least two more emerging from the sewing room. I might need an intervention. Anyways to lessen the post amount dedicated to this insanely versatile pattern, I've decided to treat you guys with a double whammy today. That's right. Instead of one garment I'm going to share two in one post. Woopwoop.

First up is The Lacy Pleated Peplum Moneta Top. After finishing my Sweet Moneta , that I made from moss green lace and white jersey, I started to think what to do with the leftover lace. I didn't have enough for a full dress and I started to think about making it into a top. As the OWOP started to approach, I had the perfect opportunity and idea to make it into a peplum top.

I cut out the bodice and 3/4 sleeve straight up size M. Though for me the sleeves seem more like half sleeves, but whatever, maybe I have ape arms(actually I kind of do have long arms, thanks Mom) I lined the bodice and peplum with white viscose jersey but I left the sleeves unlined. I felt like the lace would be enough to cover the arms and the extra layer of jersey would be too thick around the arm. For the peplum I cut out straight strips that were 23 cm wide and as long as I could cut them. At this point I was running out of lace and had to do quite a bit of puzzle matching to make it work. I stitched the neckline back with the twin needle as I didn't want to add anything that would make the top look too busy. I also had to stitch the seam that connects the bodice with the peplum towards the bodice as it kept pulling itself down in some places and up in other places and it kept looking wonky. To hem the sleeves and the peplum I used also twin needle. .

Diamonds aren't girls best friend, that's a lie. Twin needle is.

 While I was cutting out the Lace Top I kept noticing that my eyes were peeking towards my knit stash and flirting with this ethnic striped knit fabric. Eyes, wat you doing? Eyes, stahp! Nothing I did or said to myself helped. Fine, you slut! Lets flirt with these both at the same time. So I cut out two tops at the same time.

This fabric has been in my stash for about three years now. It's a wool and viscose blend and it feels like unicorns giving me hugs. Can't all fabrics feel like this? I got it from Abakhan when I went to buy a spool of thread and this seducer called to me. Buy me! You'll sew me into something gorgeous in no time! I won't take any space! You know you want me! Touch me! Love me! Buy me! So I wiped off the drool from my face and bought the last piece they had, which was around 1,25m and I promised myself that by the end of the month this piece of fabric will be on my body as an awesome garment. Like always, I couldn't be more wrong. It kept taunting me from the stash shelf and I felt the pressure. Nothing I thought of felt like it would make the fabric justice and I kept pulling it out and putting it back. I think the fabric and I were waiting for this project.

Construction wise it's pretty identical to the lace top. Only I placed the pleats a bit differently. And for the neckline I cut out a strip from the fabric to have a cool effect of the print running around my neckline. Instant necklace! Yes, I would love that, thank you. I cut the strip as a straight piece and sewed it on as I would sew on a regular bias tape. As it's a knit that had a lot of stretch it didn't need to be cut as a bias tape.

The hem and sleeves are also finished with the twin needle and all the seams are serged for both tops.

The Moneta is definitely mu TNT pattern. What's yours? Or have you ever felt like you have been waiting for years for the right pattern for THAT fabric in your stash?


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous! Cute tops too :)

  2. Great tops. I'm always a bit hesitant when it comes to peplum tops -but they look really good on you!

    1. Thank you! I was also a bit hesitant but I love 'em now! :)

  3. I love the stash-buster top, that pattern is amazing! The faux-bias bias tape was so smart. I bought some fabric for my Moneta, but haven't gotten around to sewing it yet - now I really want to!

    1. Thank you, it's a great pattern that comes together so easily and it's a delight to make. Plus the options are endless.