Monday, 1 September 2014

Rosy Myrtle.

 To say that I am in love and obsessed with Colette Patterns Moneta Dress is an understatement. Currently I have two Monetas in my studio waiting for hemming and shooting, one Moneta waiting for the pictures to be edited and I've blogged about two Monetas I've made here and here. So when the Myrtle pattern came out it was a no brainer for me to get it.  A knit dress with cowl neck. So simple yet so beautiful. And if there's anything I'm a sucker for it's sewing with knit fabrics. Once you've gotten the hang of it, they are a joy to work with and most projects with knit fabric come together super quick.

Dat ass

So my Myrtle. At first I made a dress version with a green jersey and I cut out size M. I compared my measurements to the chart and it put me right into M group(just like with Moneta). However when I finished it and put it on, it was huge. There was too much ease in the bodice and waist and it felt like I would flash a bit of boob any minute. So that went into my "fail" pile and I decided to start again and trace a size S this time and I think it fits way better. For my next version I have to adjust the back piece a bit and make it a bit narrower in the shoulders as it has a bit of gaping around the neckline.
I also shortened the skirt piece to make the dress into a top. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to make a Myrtle or a Moneta with this white viscose jersey with pixelated roses. So I decided to make both as tops.


I used both overlocker and my sewing machine for sewing. I followed all the directions provided in the pattern envelope. Overall the instructions were clear and brilliant but I think the elastic waistband attachment process could be improved a bit. I think with a bit thicker or stiffer fabric it could be a bit too rigid and bulky around the waist. I used twin needle for hemming and finishing back neckline and armhole.

After the first shock of the size being off and adjusting my size I'm back to liking the pattern. I don't love it as much as Moneta but I like it enough to make another one in the future. I want to try this pattern with a woven fabric and I still need to fix the green disaster.

Have you made a Myrtle yet? How'd it turn out?


  1. I had my doubts about Myrtle, but I think you just convinced me. Love your version!

  2. good save to make it into a top! i love the print and it looks great on you :)