Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Insanity Moneta

 Once upon a time I had my last day at work before our trip to Greece and I was going insane with the anticipation and excitement of the trip and seeing some really awesome people and some of my dearest friends again. Before the trip I was suddenly struck by an unexpected surge of sewing thrive and motivation and I wanted to take as many me-made clothes as humanly possible. So I had two hours left until my work day in the studio room was over and I decided that even though I had 2 skirts and 2 dresses to hem, one pair of shorts to sew, I would cut out and make me another Moneta by Colette Patterns before I would go to bed. It was frustrating and I knew that I was officially crazy, but...WORTH IT!

For this version I decided to go with short sleeves and simple bias tape neckline. I cut out a size 10 and the only modification I made was making the skirt shorter as I already knew based on my first Moneta that the skirt based on the pattern is a bit too long for me. Looking at the pictures now it feels like I should rise the waistline a bit but when I'm wearing it, it hasn't bothered me so...Not sure..Maybe on my next one.

When I started to work on the neckline I had a weird(lazy) idea not to sew the tape as it's meant to be sewn and I took an easier way. Instead of making a proper circle with the tape and then sewing it, I decided to fold it in half and make it overlap in the center. It looks a bit more interesting and it's quicker and easier. Hey, I was tired, no judgy stuff!

I went for pockets and well..No regret because hey, pockets! I luv me sum pockets. I serged all the seams together and used twin needle to hem the sleeves and bottom of dress. To stitch the neck binding down I used regular jersey needle as I didn't want the twin seam there complicating things.

 The floral fabric is something I had lying around in my stash(okay, let's face it, the whole dress was lying around in my stash). I made a dress with it for Mr.Man's cousin a few years ago and held on to the leftovers. So when I was deliriously considering making a quick dress, I decided to go with this floral fabric. Both jerseys are viscose and cotton blend.
What I really like about Moneta is that it comes together really quickly. It took about an hour and a half from cutting out to finish. The pattern is easy(but versatile) and the thing I looooooove about jersey is that it's so easy and quick to work with.

Sooo...I have more ideas for more Monetas and I'm going to use it as my One Week One Pattern pattern and I can't wait for starting my next one..Thinking of butterflies..hmm..

What have you been up to? Do you think I should rise the waist by a few cm?

Stay classy


  1. This looks fantastic and I think the neckline looks fine! I still need to start my moneta, but working on a Tilly and the Buttons Megan dress first :-)

    1. Thank you! You really should try to get around it. It's a great instant gratification project.

  2. Really cute - I love the floral bodice with black. Looks comfortable too, which is perfect for traveling!