Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sweet Moneta

Heya. I have been sewing like crazy this weekend. Mr.Man and I will be flying to Greece for some summer seaside fun for a week and I want to bring as many me-made dresses and summery clothes as humanly possible. And one of them is the Moneta dress.

For my version of this awesome  dress I decided to mix it up a bit and do it a bit my way. I had this grayish green lace in my stash for a while and I kept waiting for the perfect thing to sew it with. And when the Moneta pattern came out, I just knew this was it. This was the project I would use the lace for. The white jersey is cotton and viscose blend and feels so good against the skin.
 To get the dropped back and sweetheart neckline look, I cut the outside layer of the fabric in two pieces, the lace and the white jersey. I decided not to sew sleeves or a collar for this version as I thought it would look like it has too much going. I'm a less is more kind of gal.

 The skirt is cut in two layers(one lace and other jersey). I sewed them separately and sewed the pockets from the white fabric and attached them to the lace layer. Pockets on a dress. How brilliant is that? I like.

 When I was attaching the skirt to the bodice, I sandwiched the bodice between lace and jersey skirt layers in order to have clean and finished look on the inside of the dress as well.

The instructions and pattern was very well made. I did cut away about 14 cm from the skirt as it looked a bit too long on me. I'm not a tall girl, I can't do midway skirt lengths. Either the knee is showing or the hemline is near the floor.

I will definitely sew another Moneta in the future and I think this will be perfect for Greece. I can't wait! :)

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  1. Lovely dress! I got it right this time ;)
    Enjoy Greece!!