Saturday, 12 July 2014

Home, sweet home

This is the first time in almost two weeks when I've gotten the chance to sit behind my pc and try to catch up with everything that's going on in the sewing(and other) world.

Mr.Man and I went to Greece. We stayed in a lovely little village in the seaside and met up with friends for various countries. We meet every summer in some country and this year the country was Greece. I went there with a plan to photograph as many of my me-made garments as humanly possible. And the thought of that made my sewing inspiration and thrive work on overdrive. I mean, like I was insane and shot out like 2 garments in a day. Bitch be cray, yo. 

But when we got there it all went out of the window. The atmosphere was so chilled, we basically spent the whole time at the beach, sitting under a sunbrella and sipping out mojitos. Life was good. And I think that's exactly what my brain needed. To shut down, not think about work, blogging, sewing or anything. Just look at the waves and chill. And it was glorious.

On our way back, the airplane company screwed up big time. If there's anything I can do about it, we are NEVER flying with AirBaltic again. To get home, we had to take three planes. From Greece to DestinationX; from DestinationX to DestinationY; and from DestinationY to Home. From X to Y the gap between planes was 2 hours, from Y to Home it was 1 hour. But our second flight got delayed by the company. By 1,5 hours. Okay, we were in the X airport, freaking out as the flight from Y to Home was the last one of the day and we were afraid we'd be stuck sleeping in an airport. Well..Miracle happened and the company kept the last flight from leaving for almost an hour until we(and 15 other people from our flight) got there. We took a huge breath of relief and were SO HAPPY when we got to our home airport. The luggage belt came to life and we waited....and waited...we waited some more....started to get nervous. AND THEY LOST OUR LUGGAGE. Inside I was dying and crying and wanting to kill someone because I thought about all the handmade clothes I had in my luggage(most of which I even hadn't blogged about and had worn only a couple of times). Went to the luggage guy, they had NO CLUE where our luggage was. I took a deep breath and filled the application that I wanted them to find our things. That was on Tuesday(technically it had been Wednesday for one hour already), we were exhausted and just wanted to go home and to bed. So we waited for their call...and waited..And waited some more. They told us the luggage should be there on Wednesday at noon..No sign. But in the evening on Wednesday they called me and we got our luggage on Thursday morning. All was good.

I have to tell you guys. I have never in my life been happier to see my clothes.

Anyways, I have no pictures of Greece because we were too lazy and chilled to think about pictures, I am super relaxed now and I am totally in love with Greece! Sometimes you just need to take a break from all the craft and just let your mind free. I have so many ideas on what to make now and I can't wait to start! :)


  1. So happy that most of your vacation was stress free. We had a trip to the Canary Islands some years ago. Long story, but our luggage was missing. I sat down in the airport in Madrid and cried. My husband said I could buy new. But I cried, "I made it all and it all matched!!!" Got it all back and all was well in the end. Just a frustrating beginning.

    1. Oh no, I'm glad you got your luggage back as well. I guess I should be happy I'm not a teary person. But no one who's not a seamster and hasn't made most of their clothes in their luggage will feel and understand the pain of losing their bags.

      I don't wish this feeling even to my worse enemy.

    2. And Mr.Man tried to console me by saying that I could buy SO MUCH fabric for the money we would have gotten for insurance if the bags wouldn't have been found, That was the only thing keeping me semi sane, haha