Friday, 27 June 2014

Burdastyle Short Sleeved Bolero

Hi,hello,howareyou. I know-I know. I haven't posted anything in AGES. I've been so busy and I don't know even what day it is. There are SO MANY amaaaaahzing patterns to sew and so little time. If someone could tell me how to have 30 hours in a day and not having to sleep to survive, it would be great, ktnx.

I've had these pictures in my computer for ages,almost for a month(oh the shame) but I have not had the time or energy to post them. But I'm going to right that wrong now. This is the Short Sleeved Bolero from Burdastyle. Ever since I bought the magazine in 2012, I wanted to sew this bolero. It seemed so simple but elegant and really up my alley. And after an unexpected fabric haul from the local fabric shop, I finally had the perfect fabric for it.

I used a white cotton fabric with the tiniest bit of silver threads that add a bit of shine and that extra oomph to the fabric. For the lining I used a viscose lining fabric I had in my stash(I have a ton of that and I have no idea when I'm going to use it all, haha)

 About the pattern. Well.. I didn't exactly follow the directions on this one. Mainly because they were in russian. When I set my eyes on this issue, the store had only the russian versions left in stock, so I got that one. And while I can understand enough to cut the pattern and pieces and stuff out, I definitely get a bit lost in the directions. Mainly because I haven't read in russian in what feels like forever and I'm a bit impatient to try to translate it all with the help of Google Translate or to wait for Mr.Man to get home. But it's a pretty basic item, so it's not too hard to figure it all out once the pieces are cut out from the fabric and you know what is what.

I did have a bit of an issue with the fit. While the bolero fit on the dress form just like shown in the magazine, it didn't exactly fit well on me. The front pokes out in the bottom(like you can see in the first picture). I got too carried away with sewing and didn't realize that I needed to try it on before I finished it and oh the disappointment when I did. Sigh. But I have discovered that if I pull the bottom corners over each other, the fit is good again. So I think I'll add a snap fastening to keep them closed. And I actually won't mind this solution on this particular garment, as this way I won't have deal with the flappy front pieces when I'm working.

For the next one(which I think I'll make with long sleeves) I think I have to take the sides in a bit so that I won't have the pointy corners again.

Overall, it was a quick project and apart from the issue in the front, it fit quite well. And to my utter disbelief I didn't have to shorten the back piece(shocking, I know). I always have to shorten my back pieces. So I'm generally happy about this project.


  1. Sorry about that...bolero :)

    1. Heheh, where did your brain go for a holiday on that moment? :)

      But thank you :)