Friday, 6 June 2014

Me-Made-May 2014 No More!

Without blabbing too much, I'm going to do a roundup of the last week of May(26th-31st) and then share my thoughts on my month of Me-Mades.

26th of  May
27th of May

28th of May
29th of May

30th of May

31st of May

So this is what I wore:
26th of May: A full me-made outfit! Wooooot! Revamped black dress(unblogged) and Burdastyle Short Sleeve Bolero
27th of May: Green Rope Cardigan(to be blogged as soon as I sew on the buttons, lol), Black jeans(Reserved), Green top(Terranova), lace top(thrifted)
28th of May: Green Rope Cardigan again, Jeans(Reserved), Batgirl T-shirt(Sportsdirect)
29th of May: Monochrome Mickey shirt , jeans(Terranova), Cardigan(Sportsdirect)
30th of May: Dotted shirt(unblogged), Jeans(Terranova), Cardigan(Sportsdirect)
31st of May: Finishing with a bang. Also it was granny's birthday so had to dress up. I wore the Burdastyle Lace Waist Dress and paired with with my killer red heels.


My conclusions of this(last) month.
*I need to make more things to myself. More dresses and separates and everything.
*I need to bring in more colors. Most of the colorful things in my wardrobe are RTW and I need to take this into consideration.
*I am too critical at myself and my body image.
*I need to find more versatile and quick hairstyles for work days when I need to get my hair out of the way
*A lot of the me-mades I've made didn't end up on my body in May because they don't fit anymore. I need either to fix them or donate them.

Overall. I'm proud that I made it through the month without ending up in the nuthouse. I usually don't take/have someone take this much pictures of myself in a year than I did in May. Now that the month is over and there's no more pledge, I feel kind of relieved. I can wear my clothes just like I want to without calculating what I've already worn or whether I've made or revamped something in my outfit. Then again on the days when I'm wearing something me-made, I feel like I have to document it. I guess I'm having withdrawal, haha. MMMay14 hangover for the win.

So now..I have SOO many ideas I want to sew and so little time. Mr.Man and I will be going to Greece in the beginning of July and I want to take as many summery me-made clothes with me as humanly possible.  And next year I hope to wear only me-mades for May. Wouldn't that be cool(and stressful)

So gals(and guys, no discrimination here), how did your May go? Are you happy it's over? Was your pledge a success?

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