Monday, 29 June 2015

Mint Miette

I knit another thing! This time it's The Miette Cardigan by Untangling Knots. Like all Andi's patterns, it's knit top down, which felt really strange for a raglan at first. I kept thinking I was doing something wrong, and it looked weird. But in the end it all worked out just fine. I knit a straight up size M and used a mystery blend yarn from my yarn stash.

I couldn't decide what buttons to use for a long time. I went through my stash and found some options but none of them felt right. So I went and bought some mint buttons and these cream glass buttons. In the end I went for the cream ones.

Trust me to have my eyes closed in all photos. Derp
Speaking of buttons. For the button bands I sewed a wide twill tape under the bands for more security and I love how firm they are. No more buttons popping out of the buttonholes or the button bands gaping. I read about this method some time ago on this post by Lauren and I finally tried it. Newsflash, it's amazing and I'm going to do this for every cardigan I make from now on.

The cardigan itself knit up quite fast. It took me 8 days from start to finish and I knit about two hours every day, so for me it was a fast make. This is why top down knits are great, you can just knit away and once you cast off that last stitch, you're golden. And then you wait about three months with sewing on the buttons. Oops.


  1. This is gorgeous! I love the colour of the yarn, you've done an awesome job.