Friday, 26 June 2015

B&W Tap Shorts

When the weather is cold and rainy outside then blogging about shorts will make the weather better, right? RIGHT?

Last summer Katy&Laney released their first pattern- the Tap Shorts. And I instantly was drawn in by them and made two pairs for myself( Floral and Linen) and during the long heat wave they were my best friends. As the summer should allegedly be here, I wanted to be ready and greet it with new shorts.
Excuse my white pasty legs, it's been a looooooong winter.
Both last year's makes were View C, and I had planned to try out View A and B for this year. But oopsies, I made another C. Mostly because I only had enough of this fabric left for C without any pockets or pattern matching. I cut out size 6 and did no further fit adjustments from the ones I made for my previous versions. I was smart last year and marked all the changes I did to the pattern pieces and cut according to those. Thinking ahead ftw! Though I'm thinking that maybe I should make the hemline lower by a few cm. Last year the length didn't bother me, but this year it feels a bit short. Maybe it's because I haven't gotten used to short clothes yet. And because it's too cold for shorts.

Just like with my floral pair, I serged all the seam allowances and top stitched all the seams open. Call me crazy, but I actually like top stitching. I find it meditating. 

The fabric is 95%cotton and 5% elastane and feels absolutely amazing. I found it in the remnant bin at the fabric shop last year and was waiting for the right moment to cut into it. I knew I wanted a dress out of it, and after I had cut out a dress, I had enough of it left for a cute pair of shorts.


  1. Gosh, those are awesome shorts! I'm really loving your fabric choice and you look terrific wearing them. I also love to topstitch :D.

  2. those are really some cute shorts! with some cute topstitching! great job!!