Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tap Shorts Wearable muslin

This post is LOOOONG overdue. I finished these a month ago with one goal in sight. Greece. And after that I couldn't get a chance for a proper photoshoot but this weekend Mr.Man and I went out and had a shoot under the scorching summer sun(it was bright, yo) so I'm sorry my eyes are half closed because it was too hard to keep them open without squinting.

Welcome Tap Shorts by the ever so lovely Katy&Laney. This is their first pattern and I think they have done an outstanding job. Plus the pattern came out exactly at the time when I was looking for the perfect pattern for shorts. How great is that!

I thought about these as a muslin, to test the fit and see what alterations I had to make. I chose to sew the view C without the welted back pockets. I cut out a size 6 and they fit me very well around the waist. Though I had to lower the front waist a bit because it was higher on my body than the back which was perfect height. I did take in 4cm from both hips and 6cm from the bottom, I also added 5 cm to the length and I'm really happy with the length.

Because I had to lower the waist in front and take in the hips, my pocket opening is REALLY short on these. Not a big deal as I never wear stuff in my pockets anyways, but I made a note on my pattern to lengthen the pocket opening on next shorts to get the look right. I also added belt loops using my favorite method to make them.

When I started to cut the shorts out of the fabric I was terrified. In my mind I kept repeating "Watch the print placement, watch the print placement." I was super paranoid that I would overlook something and would end up with poorly placed flowers on my flower(if you know what I mean) but in the end my worries were gone when I saw that nothing is highlighting anything I didn't want to be highlighted.

Tap Shorts, RTW top from Greece, shoes from godmother

 The fabric is 95%cotton and 5% elastane and it was a delight to sew. I got so carried away with sewing and topstitching that ALL of the seam allowances ate topstitched in opposite directions. The hem is also topstitched down 2cm from the hemline(that makes 4cm in total for turns).

The pattern was well constructed. I think I had the issue with the hips being too wide as they are constructing for a more pear shaped figure while I fall under hourglass(I think). Anyways it's not a big deal as I traced the pattern(like I always do) for my size and I made the changes I needed to the traced pattern so the next pair would fit perfectly.

Have you sewn the Tap shorts? How did they turn out? Or are you planning to make them?

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  1. So cute! You did an amazing job with the fit. Now I want a floral pair too. :)

    1. Thank you :) The fabric practically screamed TAP SHORTS to me in the fabric store :P

  2. WOW! These came out so good!! I love the floral print. I want to make some for me too. Hope I can make them fit as well as yours :)

    1. I'm sure yours will turn out brilliant. It's just a matter of trying and testing which is the best option for your body :)