Monday, 16 March 2015

Pattern testing: The Lou Box Top (and a self drafted skirt)

Heidy-ho, peeps! Once upon a time I did a teeny-tiny bit of pattern testing for Beth's new pattern- The Lou Box Top. And here's my make.

Lou Box Top is a loose fitting top with two neckline and three hem options. For my version I chose the crewneck with dipped hem. I followed the instructions to the dot and thought they were pretty straight forward and clear. However I am not sure if I'll be following the given instructions the next time I decide to sew this pattern as I am pretty bad at following the instructions unless I absolutely have to. I'm an adult, I do what I want to do, haha.

For the fabric I used this very drapey and silky feeling rayon, that I got from my Gran S. It has a big issue with the white dots bleeding all over the fabric so I thought it's the best if I used it for projects that might end up as a giant flop.

For this version I sewed the size M/L and I feel it looks great when tucked into a skirt. However if I were to make it for wearing over jeans I'd cut out a smaller size maybe even go as far as cut out the smallest size to lose a lot of that ease.

I think this is my favorite part of this top. This little button loop and that pearl button. It looks so cute on this dotted fabric. There is something magical about dots and pearl buttons. *swoon*

All the seams are finished on my trusted serger and the hem+sleeves are finished with a rolled hem. I hand stitched the bias tape on the neckline because for some reason my machine DID NOT like this fabric. Kept skipping stitches and stuff. I think the thread is the culprit here as I've had similar problems with different fabrics but the same thread so...Might have to toss it or just use it for only bobbin.

And now the skirt. It's a semi circle skirt with pockets and an exposed zipper. If I'd tell you that I knew exactly what this skirt would look like when I cut it out, I'd be lying. At first I planned on making a very simple black short semi circle skirt with pockets. Most important part of that plan was the pockets. Because pockets are awesome. And then I had to drop by the local fabric shop for other stuff and saw this cute lacy zipper. So I had to get it and put it on the skirt.

Then I thought that only having white zipper and everything else black would look strange and I decided to use a bit of white lace I had lying around for the waistband. So I guess this skirt is all about making things up as I go. And sometimes it's good to not have a solid plan. Because reasons.

The skirt is finished the same way as the top. Seams serged and hem rolled.

Have you ever had a project that you kept changing and designing as you went along? How'd it go?

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