Monday, 11 May 2015

Me-Made-May Roundup (1st to 8th)

Hey! It's finally May! And that means for me that summer is right around the corner, I can hide the winter clothes away and start slowly pulling out the summer clothes. Also it means that Me-Made-May takes over the online sewing world and people use their me-made wardrobe to its full potential. Obviously I was going to take part of it and here's my pledge for this month.

I, Fooniks from , sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '15. I endeavour to wear at least one me-made garment each day for the duration of May '15.

My pledge is the same as it was last year but I think that this way I'll have enough fun and still push myself to wearing the things I've made more often. Also it allows me to see which gaps in my wardrobe I should fill next. And here's what I wore from the 1st of May to the 8th of May

 1st of May: Wearing Fun Summer Tee, rtw jeans and a rtw cardigan

2nd of May: Wearing Bruyére the First and tights 

3rd of May: Wearing Monochrome Mickey shirt, rtw jeans and rtw cardigan 

4th of May: Wearing Sweet Lace Moneta and Marion Cardigan

5th of May: Wearing an unblogged tank top, Marion Cardigan and rtw jeans 

 6th of May: Wearing Zebra Bruyére and rtw jeans

7th of May: Rosy Myrtle, Marion Cardigan and rtw jeans 

8th of May: Aiken and Scarfdress

So that's what I wore. I was trying to keep up with combining outfits that weren't pajamas and t-shirts even though I was dead tired and that was all I wanted to wear. Cause we got a puppy and that's pretty much as tiring as having a baby in the house. She's settling in now and we can have a bit more peace and sleep.

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