Saturday, 16 May 2015

Bruyére the Paisley

Hello dearies! Today I have a fun shirt to share with you. And as the weather was so nice, I got to return to taking pictures outside! Yay!

The pattern is The Bruyére by Deer and Doe. I've sewn this pattern twice before (see here and here) and I have so many fabrics in my stash that make me think "Ooooh, you would make a nice Bruyére shirt" every time I pick them up. So I think it's safe to say that I will use this pattern many times in the future.

For this version I used size 42 and applied the same changes as I did to my last version and also altered the shape of the front waist dart. The fit is a lot better now and I think I'm not going to make any other changes in the future. It's very easy to go too far with fitting and end up with something that's too fitted and has no room for movement.

The fabric is a vintage cotton I scored from an online auction and I am really bummed I don't have any more of it. It's really soft and feels really nice against the skin. I mean wearing this shirt feels like wearing pajamas. Which is awesome. Who doesn't like to look sharp and wear pajamas at the same time?

I knew I wanted to use press buttons instead of regular buttons right when I started working on this shirt because let's be honest. I am far too lazy to open and close this many buttons every time I wear a shirt. The only question was what kind. I originally chose three options: silver, black and these pearls. Before laying them out on the fabric I was least fond of the pearls and thought black would be the way to go but after I laid them out on the button band, the black kind of disappeared in the print and made the shirt look unfinished. And I knew I had to pick the pears as they looked awesome on the fabric.

At first I thought about french seaming the shirt but decided against it and use my beloved serger to finish the seams in order to prevent any bulky seams. 

So that's it. My latest addition to my button front shirt collection. Can you tell I'm addicted to this pattern?