Saturday, 13 September 2014

Moneta and Delphine Smashup

So I might or might not have been sitting here, watching the screen for the past hour or two and try to think of a good(ish) introduction for this post and my mind came up with blank. Well it didn't exactly come up with blank, it came up with EVERYTHING BUT something to say in an introduction for this post so....[Introduction]blah-blah-blah-blah, you don't want me ranting about random things anyways and want to hear about these things I made [/Introduction]

So I made a Moneta. Again. I might or might not need an intervention. But that's not really important. What is important is what I did with this version. I've so far done four versions of this pattern: One, Two, Three+Four. And when I was preparing myself to cut out my Myrtle, I realized that if I cut my Myrtle as a top, I can use the rest for a Moneta top. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Pattern alterations: I cut the bodice out straight up size M, so no changes there, for the lower part, I placed the bodice piece on top of the lower piece, to have matching seam lengths and then slightly made it wider as much as I could. By now I was really doing some puzzle matching and couldn't morph the top and lower pieces into one. I also realized that I didn't have enough fabric to make the short sleeves that I originally planned, so I decided to make tiny cap sleeves that are slightly ruffled.

I used serger to sew all the seams. I used the twin needle for hemming the bottom and to finish the sleeve edges, armholes and the neckline. I didn't feel like making anything fussy for the neckline and reckoned  a simple twin needle finish would be enough and I quite like it.

Mr.Man, what are you taking pictures of? Beeeewbs.
I think you all have heard/own a copy of Tilly's book Love at First Stitch. It's an awesome book with five printed patterns plus additional instructions to draft two patterns. The book is full of witty comments, smart tips, plenty of directions for different methods and it's all illustrated by gorgeous pictures. After I found my book in the mail, I was obsessed with it, I kept scrolling through it and couldn't put it down. One day I decided to start working my way through it. No matter how many skills you have, it doesn't hurt to go through the basic stuff to reinstate your knowledge.

I skipped the Brigitte scarf(I'm really not a scarf kind of girl) and went straight to the first skirt. The Delphine. And what a delight she is. As the fabric I chose a piece of mystery blend I had in my stash. Is't a grey fabric with tiny white triangles in it. I'm yet to go a burning test to determine the compound of the fabric. Anyways.

I cut out a size four. It seemed to fit my measurements the best and as it was my first version, I decided to keep it simple and test it out. I followed the instructions to the dot(for a change) and when I got to trying it on I saw that the fit was quite good. I loved the length and how it fit my hips. But it was a bit too loose around my waist and only in the top part. So I changed my waistband pieces a bit and took in a bit from the very top of the waistband and gradually connected the lower point of the waistband that fit with the new top point. So in the end I took in a total of 6cm from the top of the waistband while the bottom of the waistband remained the way it was on the original pattern.

Itty-bitty print matching, yo.
For the skirt I finished all the raw edges with my serger, I used a rolled hem to finish the hem and I used an invisible zipper as per instructions. While wearing the skirt I noticed that the fabric is a tad bit too stubborn for the invisible zipper and the fabric gets a bit in the way while unzipping or zipping up the zipper, so I might change the zipper at one point, or I might not, we'll see. The fabric has one other fault as well. It gets stuck a lot, if there's a TINIEST bit of some sort of a surface that it can get it's threads stuck to, it will, so I already have a few white threads sticking out so I need to be really careful of what I'm doing while wearing the skirt and I've got to hide those loose threads when I see them. But that's the fabric's fault and not the pattern's. The pattern is a delight and super easy to make. I'm sure I'll make another one in the future, I already have a fabric for it in my sights.


  1. So cute. This top could take on a little Aleander McQeen look if paired with a plaid. Might be fun...... :)

    1. Thank you. I've never looked at it like that. Hmm..

  2. Love the pixelated roses with the tiny squares on the skirt… very witty, lady. :)

    1. Thank you, I actually hadn't paid much attention to that but now as you pointed it out, it does look like these two fabrics are made for each other. Accidental winning, haha