Monday, 15 September 2014

One Week One Pattern 2014

It's roundup time! From 6th to 12th of September I took part of the One Week One Pattern challenge hosted by Handmade Jane. It was created by Tilly and the Buttons in 2012 to encourage the sewing community to truly celebrate our favorite patterns. The goal is to go through/survive a whole week wearing clothes made from only one pattern. It doesn't matter if it's one pair of trousers styled into seven different outfits or if it's seven different garments for each day, made with one pattern. When I found out that OWOP was coming this year, I was so excited and knew instantly what pattern I would be using. I guess you all know, it's a no-braine as it seems that lately it's ALL I blog about. Ofc it's the Moneta, how could it not be? So let's take a peek at my week!

Day 1
Day 2

Day 3
Day 4

Day 5
Day 6

Day 7
Day 1: Insanity Moneta paired with white wedge sandals
Day 2: Sweet Lace Moneta with black me-made belt and white wedge sandals
Day 3: Lacy Pleated Peplum Moneta Top with dark blue skinny jeans and work slippers
Day 4: Pleated Peplum Moneta Sweater with dark blue skinny jeans and work slippers
Day 5: Rosy Moneta Top, Delphine Skirt, red tights and flat black leather sandals.
Day 6: Black Moneta with red scalloped collar(yet to be blogged) paired with red me-made belt and flat black leather sandals
Day 7: Red full circle Moneta with long sleeves and black Peter Pan collar(yet to be blogged) paired with me-made black belt and black wedge shoes.

I really liked my week of Monetas. I felt like wearing my PJs all day but in fact I looked like I was putting a ton of effort into my outfits. Haha! Joke's on you, passerby on the street, I threw this on and was done with my outfit in five minutes!
I sure do hope OWOP is going to take place next year as well, I'l already thinking of which pattern I'd like to use for next one. I wouldn't want to use Moneta again, as I would feel like cheating  a bit. And Moneta and I are going to spend a little time apart now. We need to meet new patterns.

While I really enjoyed OWOP and can't wait for the next one, I sure am happy I can be free from the daily selfies. I got some serious flashbacks from Me-Made-May and had to keep repeating to myself that "It's only one week, you can do it!"

Did you participate in One Week One Pattern? How did it go? What pattern did you use? I'd love to hear about your week.


  1. Thanks for taking part. I can't believe the array of different looks you've achieved from the one pattern! Fab! x

    1. Aww, thank you so much! What can I say, it's a versatile pattern.

  2. Wow, I'm really impressed what you did with just one pattern. Great outfits!