Thursday, 27 August 2015

Layered Skirt + Technical Difficulties Update.

Before I start talking about this skirt I made, I have to say something. Some of you might have noticed something weird happening with post uploads in the last week or so. Posts that have already been uploaded have been taken down and uploaded again which triggered the notification system for the e-mail subscribers and Bloglovin. For that I appologize. About two weeks ago my PC's motherboard died on me without any warning. So I had no physical PC to work behind for blog posts. I tried to keep the blog alive via phone but the Blogger app on phone is confusing and feels limitating. Especially as when you want to edit a typo in an already published post, it takes it down and re-publishes as a new post. Luckily now thanks to Mr.Man I again have a working computer and I can return to normal means of blogging. Also, before you freak out, we managed to retrieve all the files so no pictures, pdf patterns, etc were lost so at least there's that. Again, I appologize for any inconvenience the new post notification system caused.

Now. On to sewing talk. I made this maxi skirt in June. The customer at first wanted to have only the two layers of the main fabric but luckily I was able to convince her that she needs at least a short linging as the fashion fabric was pretty see-through without it.

The main fabric is a polyester knit that has a wrinkled look and had been collecting dust in the customer' closet for years. She also found the elastic band from her house and said she has no idea when and why she bought it. But sometimes things don't need to make sense, they just need to work. And by sheer coincidence, these two work together like a charm.

The lining is a viscose and polyester blend from my stash.

To finish the seam allowances on the main fabric, I used my serger and for the lining I used french seaming. To hem the lining I used rolled hem and for the main fabric I created the lettuce hem with my serger. (Like for this dress)

The pattern is self drafted and by that I mean, I drew a box on the fabric, made it slightly wider at the bottom and cut it out. And then did the same thing only slightly shorter. Nothing fancy or tricky.


  1. Really like the lettuce hem. Such a simple trick but it has a big impact.