Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Self Drafted Flouse Dress

Hola. Spring is coming in like a wrecking ball here(pop culture reference tee-hee). Which means all sorts of dresses and light summer clothes. Which after the winter is SOOO refreshing and just  a blast. And after all the jackets and outerwear I embrace the opportunity of making a super simple jersey dress with both of my arms(and legs). I am all for hiding away the heavy clothing and bringing in light fabrics.

 I call this dress the Flouse dress because it has houses and flowers in the print.(Me so clever, yeeeees) It's a very simple dress made of cotton jersey and has sewn in elastic band around the waist and has elongated shoulder instead of sleeves.  The "sleeves" and the bottom is hemmed with the serger while being stretched to create a bit of ruffleish look(which I love on jersey) The neckline is a hybrid of a V-neck and a round neckline.

What I absolutely love about jersey is that there's no need to have a pattern on paper, rough lines on the fabric, in go the scissors and done. However I hadn't done anything with elongated shoulders before this one so I did have to do some thinking on the shoulder(the angle to be precise). But I "popped the cherry" and I think the end result is pretty good.

Sewing an elastic band to gather the fabric and create a nice little small waist effect is super easy. For that I usually sew the right side seam as I would normally, serge it(if needed), then mark the line where the elastic is going to be, cut the needed length of the elastic, then sew it while I stretch the elastic over the fabric that's now stretched to create even gathers and to have even stretch after the seams are done. I sew one side of the elastic, then the other(and I make sure that the stretch is the same as it was before). And then I sew the left side seam and all done. I hope that made any sense.

Pattern : As I mentioned before, I didn't use any patterns for this.
Fabric: Cotton jersey
Time spent: 2 hours

It was a super quick and rewarding project. The print was so fun and I wanted to steal it. But I had to give the dress to the customer. She loved it as well.. So it was a bittersweet moment when I was happy that she was happy but sad that I couldn't keep it for myself. Women 


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