Monday, 5 May 2014

Me-Made-May 2014. Week 1 roundup(1st to 4th of May)

It's already May! Time goes by so very fast. It feels like it just was Christmas when me and Mr.Man moved into our new home and then I blinked and now it's May. Unbelievable. And as time files by, it's easy to neglect all the things we have made for ourselves and really celebrate them and our craft. And for that reason I am so happy to take part of Me-Made-May 2014.

My pledge for the following month was as follows:

I, Fooniks from A Needle For Your Thoughts , sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May'14. I endeavour to wear at least one handmade or upcycled item each day for the duration of May 2014'

So for the rest of this month I will do my very best to wear at least one item that has felt the loving touch of my tiny little fingers.
Look for the 1st of May
Look for 2nd of May
3rd of May

4th of May

So what I wore in words:
1st of May I wore a white cotton jersey tanktop I made a year or so ago. What I love about this fabric is that it has tiny vertical red stripes in it so it's not just...blaaah. I also had on black tights and a cardigan(origin:a store) First of May is a bank holiday in my country so I just spent the day lounging on the couch and knitting and zipping wine. Soooo..No need to wear something fancy, just casual stuff.
2nd of May I wore the Mickey Shirt(Blog post here), my favorite pair of black jeans(which are the ones from the jean rip repair post here).
3rd of May I was visiting my Granny and we were helping her with some garden work and planting some potatoes and stuff. So this is what I wore most of the day and these are clothes I won't cry about  if they get some dirt on them. Red tanktop-self made. Hoodie and pants-thrifted. Plus some working boots.
4th of May. Holy Mother of flash. It was late and I was tired from shopping all day. Mr.Man and I went to some shops and looked some stuff for the house. Good news everyone! I bought a new dress form that is size adjustable, so I should be able to make better pictures of the things I've made. Things just don't look goood when they don't fit the dress form. Oh my. Sidetracked alert! Anywhoo.... I wore a red jersey/black lace button-up shirt/jacket I made two years ago. This thing is definitely my "Most worn" selfmade item. And I paired it with the same jeans I wore on the 2nd and a regular black t-shirt.

When I got to my Granny's on Friday evening, she had a surprise! Her cat had given birth to four kittens on Friday morning. They were so cute and I couldn't stay away from them.

This month will definitely be a challenging month for me. Going from someone who escapes the scene when a camera comes out to a person who takes selfies every day.