Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Self Drafted Zig my Zag

You can tell that it's spring when nice things are popping out of your sewing room like flowers in the flowerbed.

Mrs.RS jumped into my studio a few weeks ago with a funky little fabric. Her desire was a skirt and a waistcoat ensemble. Her wish is my command and here we are now.

The fabric is a knit woolen and synthetics blend with a touch of elastic in it. Plus it has a trippy zig-zag pattern on it. Which meant that I had to pay more attention to details to make the lines continuous through the seams. Which is both easier and harder to do on knits.

This time there's a lining! Not silver lining but still a lining! I miss making linings for things. There's a lot of misconception when it comes to lining here. People seem to think that when there's lining the garment is more bulky and will add mass to the figure. Oh boy. Even after thorough explanation people prefer not to have lining on their garments. Such a shame. But not this time. The waistcoat and the skirt are both lined and I am so happy!

Pattern: Self drafted
Fabric: wool and synthetics blend + viscose for lining.
Time spent: Roughly 6 hours.

First let's talk about the waistcoat. It's a very simple and classical waistcoat. No pockets or any schebang. I used interfacing for the whole thing instead of just for the front and side because the fabric is so stretchy and acting like wool knit is supposed to act, it needs the interfacing to look like it's supposed to look in a classical garment.  I had very little of this fabric, so for the inside I had to use lining fabric up until the front edge and couldn't use a cover piece. I topstitched the edge and the armholes to keep the lining from peeking and to maintain the shape.
I have to admit. I've done only one real waistcoat prior to this and I was very nervous cutting this thing out of the fabric. But I muscled through it and am very happy with the result. Though I did sew the lining in the armhole wrong at the first try and I had a weird tube instead of a waistcoat. (Note to self:Take pictures of your embarrassing fails)

 The skirt is a very simple pencil skirt with zipper and button fastening and a classical slit in the back.

The waistband is cut in two pieces because there wasn't enough fabric to get one long strip, so I had to have two shorter strips. It annoys me that it wasn't possible to mach the pattern for the waistband but what can ya do.

I can't wait to get my new dress form! A few more days but until that it's pictures with ill fitting mannequin. It doesn't do the garments any justice. But the new future is on the horizon.

This week is an exciting week for me. The local newspaper is doing a story about me. Unfortunately it won't be in English. But there should be some fancy pictures about my studio. So maybe a workroom tour is in order for you guys :)


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