Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Self Drafted Blue skies jacket

Oh I am on a roll. Three posts in three days? I must be going through some sort of a mental breakdown. Or maybe it's the urge to  get all the posts with the old dress form out of my way and to forget the lousy fit of garments on a dress form that's a million sizes smaller than the garment. Whatever it is, it's making me chatty.

After a long-long time of making jackets from synthetic blend fabrics I had started to forget the unbeatable feeling of handling real woolen jacket fabric.  So you can imagine my excitement when starting to work on this beauty. It's inspired a bit by the Chanel jacket. It has no collar and the corners of the front are rounded off. I inserted pockets into the front princess lines and a classical slit in the back. Unfortunately there's no lining on this one(sigh) but we can't have it all. Wool is such a pleasure to work with, the ease how the seam allowances press apart is just orgasmic and it feels like play doh when pressing and shaping it.

I used heat fusible interfacing to maintain the shape in the front and upper areas of the back and side pieces. For the pocket fabric I used a piece of cotton I had lying around in my stash.

Pattern: Self drafted
Fabric: 100% wool
Time spent: 20 hours

The slit in the back

To finish the neckline, I used pieces of fabric I cut out in the same shape as the main piece(not sure what the term for this is in English. Feel free to correct/help me). I also serged all seam allowances to avoid raveling of the fabric in the future(and believe me, this ish ravels a lot) I also topstitched the whole edge of the neckline and front closure to make the fabric stay as I wanted it to stay.

I really like this fabric. It's not just plain old light blue, it has some spots of dark blue and red in it so it has that something special every garment needs. And I quite like the little pop of shine the buttons have. Though I was quite offstandish about them at first. But it worked out.

God, I love natural fabrics. Except linen.



  1. Great jacket! I think the word you want is "facing". I'm glad to have finally found someone else who dislikes linen. I am craving silk right now!

    1. Ooooh, silk!

      My dislike of linen is a bit irrational and I really loathe linen and working with it and there's no real reason to it. Must be crazy haha :D