Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Me-Made-May 14 Week 2 Roundup(5th-11th) fail

Ohmygosh. As I was looking through last week's pictures I felt like something was wrong. Or my math was horribly bad. Or both. After picking out best pictures of each day and going over them, I realized something. There are 7 days in a week(orly). I had 6 pictures. And I suddenly knew what has happened. I forgot to take a picture on Friday(and also on Saturday but I threw on the same thing for a sec this morning and snapped the Saturday picture). I'm going to say that my excitement over having guests in our house got the best of me. Anywhooo.. I failed. Sowwwwyyy. But I did wear a me made item on Friday so technically I didn't fail at the pledge. Just at taking pictures(and at life)

5th of May
6th of May

7th of May
8th of May(evening)
8th of May(Day)
10th of May
11th of May
So what I wore:
5th of May Black dress made from a scarf(yet to be blogged), white jacket(thrifted) and black tights
6th of May Tan skirt with black and beige pockets and waistband(self made), top with ruffles(from a local boutique) and a black cardigan(thrifted) and red shoes.And yes, I actually work in those shoes and I actually sew in them.
7th of May Same skirt as on the 6th. Black top with beading(was a gift) and same cardigan as on the 6th.
8th of May I actually wore two outfits. During the day I wore the skirt I made for the Ulyana Sergeenko Challenge and a top I made last year. In the evening when it was time to clean the house, I swapped the skirt for a pair of jeans(cause that skirt is not made for scrubbing the bathroom, yo)
9th of May No picture(stupid brain) :( But I wore simple black jeans(Terranova) and a tank top I revamped from an oversized mens T-shirt
10th of May Same jeans as on Friday and a simple top I made from the same fabric as the Monochrome Mickey shirt
11th of May Mother's Day! A top/dress made from rayon(self made sometime last year), same jeans as on Friday and Saturday and a simple black cardigan(Store bought)

So that's my week. Last week was a bit awesome for me and now I'm super tired. I hope to get some sleep and show some of my new makes. And I'm still waiting for my dress form, it should be here any day now soo..Exciting times!! :)


  1. I think you like black and white :) I especially like the black and white polka dot dress.

    1. Haha! I do have a lot of black and white garments. But I've tried to bring in more colors(she says as she's wearing a yellow shirt). There was a time when I wore only black. So I've made progress. :)