Tuesday, 29 April 2014

I Promise You Pineapples

So let's continue with my self imposed challenge/command to make something useful from my yarn stash that has been just collecting dust in a box for the last few years.

I present to you the "I Promise You Pineapples" shawl. Unlike the Ocean Tranquility Afghan I made earlier, it wasn't a project I could just shamelessly make while watching the TV. A lot of pattern following was needed in order to get the finished look. But in the end the pattern repeated itself enough for me to be able to pay attention to other stuff.

I actually used two colors for this. One is a bit brighter and the other is a bit deeper shade of blue. The reason for this was that I had only a bit of both and I did consider buying more of one of the colors for this but then I thought "Silly girl, use them both, they match!". So I was in a win-win situation. I could check off another two yarns and I didn't spend extra money on the project. With the Ocean Tranquility Afghan I was a bit counterproductive. I used up two skeins of yarn but bought four more(of which two were almost untouched ) I am an addict.

I absolutely love this pattern. It's interesting and I know I'm going to use it to throw around my shoulders in the summer nights when we're out for some BBQ and mojitos :)


I have also started on knitting a cardigan. I have gotten farther than I have even come with knitting a cardigan or a sweater. Usually I just knit front or back piece and then get tired. Past Me was too impatient for her own good. But I've finished the back piece and one of the front pieces and I'm halfway done with half of the other front piece. So that leaves finishing the front and the sleeves. Can't wait to finish it! Stay tuned!