Monday, 14 April 2014

Ocean tranquility afghan

A few weeks ago I made a startling discovery that I have more yarns than any sane person who doesn't regularly create something from yarns would have. I haven't knit or crocheted anything in a LOOOOOOOONG time but I like knitting and crocheting. Over the years I've been given yarn as gifts or I've bought some with the idea of making something out of it, but I haven't gotten to it for some reason. I saw a show about hoarders and I had the scary vision of myself and my SO living in a pile of yarns and not remembering what our furniture or floors look like. And that would be scary.

So I made a pledge to myself that I mentioned in this post. Use up all the yarns in my stash in the next 12 months. So far it has been going well. Though it has backfired just a bit. I've discovered that for most of the projects I would love to make I don't have the same yarn, so I've been buying more yarns to finish the projects with matching yarns(DOH). I think I really do have a problem.

First project I've finished is the Ocean Tranquility Afghan.
I made a small change to the pattern but it's not a big change but I like it better this way.
 It was an easy project to get back on the track and dust off my crocheting skills. I used 2,5mm hook instead of 4,5mm hook and my afghan ended up being significantly smaller than the pattern stated. But in my defense the biggest hook I had was 2,5mm and I wanted to get started RIGHT NOW and not a second later and all craft shops were closed. Soooo....impatience at its finest.
But still I love it.  Best part was that once I got the hang of the repeats I didn't have to pay much attention on what I was doing and I could just crochet away while watching TV. It's like the best thing ever! :)

I made it from acrylic yarn that's super soft and I think it's meant for making things for babies(the drawing of a baby and writing "Super baby" is a huge hint as well)
I used up somewhere about 1200m of the yarn, so I really did some work here. That's like 1100m more than I am capable of running without dying five times so...I did good I think/hope


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