Friday, 14 August 2015

Mint Myrna

Hello you beautiful creature. How are you? Good? That's good.

Today I want to share a knitting project with you. It's Andi Satterlund's Myrna Cardigan. I have knit it in the past once(see here) and I felt like knitting it again. Just like last time I knit size M.

For the yarn I used the same mystery blend mint yarn I used for my Mint Miette with a cream 60% Acrylic+40% Angora Goat Hair yarn. I had EXACTLY enough of the mint to knit the bodice and sleeves together with the cream. And by exactly I mean I only had about 30cm of it left. Luckily I planned to knit the ribbing and button band with the cream anyways.

The cardigan knit up really fast. According to my Ravelry notes, it took me four days to complete. I cast on on the 21st of March and cast off on the 25th. If that's not a fast knitting project, I don't know what is.

As I really liked the secure feel on the button bands with my Mint Miette, I decided to sew the twill tape under the button bands and I'm pretty sure this is how I'll make all my button bands in the future. No more gaping holes, popping buttons, etc!

Anyways. I admit that in the last year or so I have caught the knitting bug big time. I always have a project on the needles or I am thinking about what to knit next. Which is good for the sweater section of my wardrobe. And until now it has been good to my yarn stash. As originally I planned to use up all the yarns in my yarn stash by April 2015. With a little delay I did manage that. So I have two other knitting projects to blog(aside from this) and then I have to start buying yarns for every new project. Not good for my bank account.

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  1. It's very beautiful! Very very! I love it! Thanks for sharing the outcomes of your talent! You deserve the best!