Friday, 9 January 2015

Sewvember roundup?

She's alive! I've been missing for a while, I know. This/last year the pre-Christmas and Christmas rush was brutal. I'm not gonna lie. For quite few times I thought about running into the woods and pretending I wasn't real til things calmed down. And if it hadn't been cold as f, I actually might have done that. But I survived and got the flu from Santa for Christmas. Can I get a sarcastic yay? *yaaaay*

Now that things are setting back into normal pace and I've gotten the chance to really sit down and focus myself on less than ten things at the same time, I realized that I never finished sharing my Sewvember journey with you guys. So before I head forward into shiny and new 2015, I'm going to take you back to November. This will be a long post, so bare with me.

10th of November
Week 2 (8th-14th)
8th of November
9th of November

11th of November
12th of November

13th of November
14th of November

8th of November : Signature style. My style is all over the place. I go from old t-shirts and tights one day to feminine dresses and high heels on the next. But if I look really hard at my wardrobe and think about it, I like clean lines and comfort. The most worn clothes are mixed of classical styles and something current to add a bit of pop to the outfit. I'm still looking for what exactly my style is but I think it's a mixture if feminine and boyish. I can be a classy lady and a tomboy at the same time, right?
9th of November : Next Project. At that time I was supposed to make a coat with the black wool and a Bruyére with the crazy paisley. Well.. I have not started the coat yet. The Bruyére is cut out and since then I've cut out and finished one Moneta, one pair of Ginger jeans and one Dahlia. Sorrynotsorry??
10th of November : Inspiration. If I had to choose one thing that inspires me the most, I would say the Universe. And technically I won't be cheating either. My ideas come from wherever. A dream, a picture from a magazine, a video game, blogs, etc. If you keep your mind open, there is SO much inspiration around us. All you have to do is look and breathe in the world in all of its glory (and ugliness)
11th of November : Early make. If someone had told me two years ago that I would be posting pictures of this dress for the internet to see, I would have seriously questioned their sanity. This is a dress I made for my high school graduation. Back then I was just a young girl who liked to sew, made up things as she went and hoped for the best. I literally sewed this thing onto my body. I cut out a rough bodice block based on a RTW shirt I had and then pinned away while trying on the bodice. For that time and the skills(or lack of) I had back then, it turned out great. But now I can't stand to look at it. I could spend days telling you what is wrong with that thing. Now after I've graduated the school I studied tailoring in and the two years I've spent on working as a tailor in the real world, I really see how far I've become in these last five years. Man, Throwback Thursday, much?
12th of November : Favorite Finish. What can I say, I love a good baby rolled hem. I finish most of my hems with either baby rolled hems or regular rolled hems when I'm sewing woven fabrics.
13th of November : View. This monster is what I see when I lift my eyes from behind the sewing machine. Though by now I've added another section to the thread wall. I love this beast. All the threads are right there and finding the right colour is so easy.
14th of November : UFO. Those were my UFO's aka corner of shame. A green Myrtle that was my very first version of that pattern and it was WAY TOO BIG. As in "I might show you my sweater puppies by accident" big. I had planned to take it apart and cut it into a smaller size but I gave it to Mr.Man's cousin on New Year's. It fit her better and at least she would wear it while I would just stare at the thing and think "One day" In the middle is the Hawthorn wearable doublesided muslin. I accidentally cut a hole in it and I was angry and put it into the corner. I finished it yesterday. Woopwoop. And third is a shirt I started in the end of July/beginning of August. All it needed was buttonholes and buttons. Yup. That's all. But I'm proud to say that I was good and did that yesterday. Hot damn, yesterday was a good day.

Week 3 (15th-21st)

17th of November
15th of November 
16th of November
20th of November
18th of November
19th of November
21st of November

15th of November : Sewing Library. I don't have a lot of books in my Sewlabry. I've added a few books in the last year or so but the most valuable items are the materials on construction of patterns and sewing techniques I gathered while I was at school. Those are all my knowledge(and then some) I got while I got my tailoring edumacation and to me they are priceless. 16th of November : Organisation. I can be a bit really anal when it comes to organisation. This is my button collection. I've divided all of them into four groups: singles, blouses, pants/jackets and coats. Then I've sewed one of each button onto carton(while putting them into order by buttonhole numbers). Behind every button is written how many pieces of that I have in the stash. The stash is in thee boxes according to their type and each model is pieced into a bundle with thread. All the single buttons are all sewed onto the carton. It took me forever but now I have a good overview of what and how much I have when I need to find buttons for a project.17th of November : Planning. I generally don't plan my selfish sewing. Sure, I have a general idea of what I want to make sometime in the next few months but I don't go according to a specific plan. I often don't have a lot of time for selfish sewing so  I sew when I have time and go according to my current mood and what I need to add to my wardrobe based on my needs at that moment. Also what fabric is screaming at me the loudest is a huge factor.18th of November : Fun. I have a lot of fun when I make  handmade presents for the kids. It doesn't matter if it's for Christmas or their birthdays. For Christmas 2014 I made them all PJ Eaters. Minecraft inspired for boys and Hello Kitty inspired for girls. They were a big hit with the kids but someone forgot to take pictures in her fever induced brainfart. Have to sneak into their houses with a camera, hahahahaa.19th of November : Fit. A big issue for me is how to fit my selfish sewing into my life. There is SO much I want to do and not enough time. *sigh*20th of November : Notions. So I've covered my threads and buttons. So here are my zippers. I don't have a big selection at hand but I do try to keep most used zippers in my stash. The fabric shop where I get all of my zippers is two minutes away from my home, so I can get what I need pretty much any time I need it. Unless I'm an idiot and discover I need a zipper on Sunday when the lovely shopkeepers take a day off. Also I keep my regular zippers and invisible zippers in different containers because....organisation.21th of November : Crazy fabric. Don't ask me why I have these. Just accept that I do and that's that. 

Week 4 (22nd-28th)

24th of November
22nd of November
23rd of November
25th of November
27th of November
26th of November
28th of November
22nd of November : Tried and True. The pattern I keep coming back to. My TNT for when I NEED to have a new dress in an hour. The Moneta. My guilty pleasure. (Blogged versions one, two, thee, four and five)
23rd of November : Patterns. Last year same time, I had no patterns(okay, I had Burda magazines and self drafted patterns). But since REALLY getting into the online sewing world, I've discovered A LOT (much to my wallet's disdain). Now I have a whole box for only Colette patterns and two other boxes for other various indie patterns. Most of which I'm yet to make something out of. No regrets. Mostly
24th of November : Challenge. My biggest challenge is to stop working and taking time off. When you are self employed and your studio is right at your home next to your living room, it's so easy to go back and tweak something or sew just a few more seams. And that will result in sewing for hours when you are supposed to have a day off. Which in turn results in a burnout. I am a workaholic, I've been one all of my life and I can't help it. But I need to find a balance and take care of myself or it will come biting me in the ass when I'm older and it's too late.
25th of November : Complete. Something I started and finished in November. The Tate Top.(blogged here)
26th of November : Red Hot Mess. The ill fitting Myrtle. It's not a mess anymore cause it belongs to someone who has the right measurements to fill this thing. 
27th of November : Best Make. I like to believe my best work is still in the future and every item I finish is better than the last one. But I'm still really proud of this coat (blogged here)
28th of November : Hem. As someone who has worked as a seamstress/technologist in a company that specializes in knits for different time periods that sum up into a year, I have a close relationship with knits. They are easy to work with and usually result in a quick make. And nothing beats a hem finished with coverstitch or a twin needle when it comes to knits. Hot damn.

Week 5 (29th-30th)

29th of November
30th of November

29th of November : Learning. Life is a long journey of learning and becoming the best to your abilities. I try to learn as much as I can and the next chapter for me will be underwear. Which is why I got this book. It looks intimidating but I will embark on this journey and hopefully end up with a wardrobe of fitting handmade underwear.
30th of November : Top Tip. Mine would be "Sew with love" It shows when someone makes a dress with love. It also shows when you've been stressed while sewing. So if you can, take a step back when you feel overwhelmed. Take a walk, a nap or whatever relaxes you. Come back with fresh eyes and enjoy what you do.

So that was my Sewvember. I hope you are all well and had a nice Christmas(or whatever holiday you celebrate) and a fun New Year's. I've started my year with tackling that UFO pile and have worked on tying those loose ends. Not going to start with the new before the old are done. 


  1. I loved your Sewvember!!!
    "Not going to start with the new before the old are done. "
    oh my you are so right, but I might not be that good :(!!!
    Happy new year (it's never too late to wish someone a good wish ;)!!)!!!

    1. Thank you :)

      That's the plan. Finish all the muslins and already cut out things before starting anything new. I hope I stick to it.

      And Happy New Year to you too, hon!

  2. Fun take on a look back :)
    I zeroed in on that knit hem too. Beautiful!