Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Self Drafted: Collarless Blazer

When I think back to when I made my first blazer I remember being insanely overwhelmed by the idea of making another one. Then the instructor/teacher/callherwhaterveryouwant told us that the feeling will not go away for a while. It will stay with us for the next ten blazers we make without any help or instructions, and then it will start to go away. And after we have made at least 20 we'll start feeling like at home. I guess now I'm reaching the big number 10. Well not reaching, but this is actually the 10th blazer I have made. And I can say that she was right. The feeling of deep fear and insecurity is starting to go away. Sure, while drafting the pattern sometimes feels wrong because every body is different and the shape of the pattern is different and when I get to cutting the thing out of the fabric, my hand does shake a bit but that's all things I need to push through. Because I know what I am doing. I only need to get more confidence and trust myself more.

 So here's the milestone blazer. A collarless cream jacket. It's a very basic piece with no pockets, vents or any other sort of additions. Mrs.Kd wanted a very simple piece to wear to work and she saw a picture of The Blue Skies Jacket and she knew she wanted something like that. But with a V-neck. Mrs.Ks wants, Mrs Kd gets.

The fabric is a linen/polyester blend and it was raveling like it was it's job! Despite the fact that the blazer was going to be fully lined, I had to additionally serge all raw edges or I wouldn't have had anything left from the pieces after the fittings. So this blazer got to feel the love from all of my machines. For the lining I used a viscose lining fabric.

I also used interfacing for the front pieces, facings and tops+bottoms of the back and sleeves. And to secure the facing from peeking from the insides I topstitched the front and neckline in place.

The fashion fabric was a delight to work with(apart from the raveling part), It didn't wrinkle much and behaved really well under the sewing machine. Plus it molded really well with the help of some steam.

Hanger loop. I hate these things but the must be in blazers and coats for random reasons.
 Overall I really liked making this blazer. With every blazer I learn more and get a bit more confidence. And for some reason this blazer reminded me a lot of the blazer I made for my mom two years ago(even though they are nothing alike). Since then my mom has lost around 15kg and is swimming in it. I can sense me having to take it in for her in the future.

So what have you been up to my little unicorns?


  1. Nothing like a simple, clean coat. Great job!

    1. Sometimes less really is more. Thank you :)

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