Monday, 1 December 2014

Tate Top

If I were to make a list of things I hate one of the things in the list would be missing a deadline. Which is exactly what happened. Sometimes real life and work gets too crazy too suddenly and decisions have to be made. Anyways

I present to you the Tate Top by Workroom social. It's a free pattern and just recently released. It's a really simple pattern for a racerback top with an invisible zipper in the back and it comes in two lengths-cropped and tunic length. However my take in it ended up very different from the original pattern. Sorrynotsorry. First change I made was losing the zipper in the back. In order to do that I deepened the neckline in front and back by 2cm(I left the shoulders like they were) so that I could pull it over my head. Next thing I did was make a collar. For the collar pattern I traced the new neckline shape on a piece of paper(I closed the darts for the front piece before this step) and then I drew the shape of the collar I wanted. At first I was thinking about making a Peter Pan collar but after doodling around a bit I came up with this look for the collar. Not sure what to call it. Fang collar maybe? I also added a facing to the neckline to finish the neckline with a neat and easy seam.

After I had sewn the collar and the facing to the neckline, I tried the top on. And as I was afraid, I looked pregnant. Like about to pop pregnant. Which is what happens to me every time I put on a shirt/dress that has little to no shaping in the waist. I was prepared for this and had my friend elastic band ready for rescue. I marked my natural waistline on the top, and sewed the elastic on the inside of the top. I simply measured how snug I wanted the elastic to be and stretched it evenly while I was sewing it to the waistline. Then I finished the armholes with a bias tape and roll hemmed the hem.

For the black part of the top I used a double weave chiffon I used for the Julia dress and this skirt. I bought it in bulk and at start had quite a lot of it, but over time I've used a lot of it and now have only about 3-4 meters of it left. Better choose wisely what I make with it. And for the red/orange parts I used a mystery fabric I got from an online auction. I haven't had the time to do a bit of a burn test yet but I think it's either silk or rayon but it has a bit of a velvet feeling to it. Either way, it feels yum.

The fit of the pattern was generally good, I did get the pregnant illusion at first but that happens a lot to me(I'm sure everyone with a bit more of a bust will understand this, Thanks, boobs) I would make the armhole depth a bit smaller for the next time. Right now it's a bit too deep for my liking. As you can see, my bra is showing a bit in the armholes and I'm really not about that life. So I think adding a few cm there next time should do the trick. But I'm sure when the summer arrives, Future Me will be thrilled for the extra space for the air to move. So I guess as long as I wear a black bra under it, it shouldn't be terrible but still. If you are going to sew the pattern, make sure to measure your pattern for the armhole depth and make sure it's according to your liking.

Thank you for reading. And if you'd excuse me, I have two weeks worth of blog posts to catch up with.

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  1. They need to pay you for your collar design. Super cute :)