Monday, 4 August 2014

Linen Tap Shorts + Fun Summer Tee

I think it's time to post more pictures of my bum in teh interwebz because (apparently) there aren't enough. I present to you my second pair of Tap Shorts and my first(of probably many) Fun Summer Tee.

Let's start with the shorts by Katy & Laney. I went for view C without the welt pockets in the back. As I had worked out all the fit issues in my Floral(muslin) Tap Shorts I simply put my traced pattern pieces with all the changes already made on the pattern piece and cut away. I did make sure that I had lengthened the side pocket as well because as for the muslin I took in the hips a bit, I didn't bother with resewing the pockets and the opening was WAY to small to fit my hands into pockets, haha.

I did go easier on topstitching this time. I only top stitched the pocket sides, zipper closure and waistband. I even skipped the belt loops this time cause ain't nobody got time fo dat. For hemming I used wide roll hem(like for jeans)

For the fabric I used a dark brown(Mr.Man said it's black and I'm cray-cray....Colorblind men.Sigh) cotton and linen(!!!) blend. Yes. Even though I harbored a deep dislike of wearing and sewing linen, I made a pair of linen shorts for myself(cray-cray). But I had Greece in mind and I knew that I needed to have clothes that allow my body to breathe and linen is perfect for that. Plus the fabric felt so nice and dreamy in the shop that I couldn't resist. And now. I'm a converted woman. I wouldn't go and make myself a whole outfit out of linen but for shorts-dreamy!

The top is the Fun Summer Tee by iCandy Handmade. It's a free PDF pattern that comes in one size, which is M. When I saw the pattern, I thought that it's a great stash buster. I've got a lot of jersey pieces in my stash that are big enough for making just half a shirt and this pattern is a great way to use them all. After I had pieced the pattern together and placed it on the fabric, I realized that the pieces I wanted to use were slightly too narrow. I was missing 2cm of each side. After some careful thinking and re-measuring myself and the pattern, I decided that it wouldn't be too big of a deal(besides, jersey has a lot of give). And I'm happy that I did because the fit is perfect. I think it would have been too baggy in the original size. 

For binding the neckline and armholes, I decided to give myself a headache and use binding of the opposite color. That meant 6 meeting seams that could't be off or they would look horrible. After some effort and help of seam ripper, I managed to get them all perfect and I love the outcome. I used serger to sew all the seams. For hem I used the rolled hem function with a bit of stretching on my serger. I might undo that at some point and go for regular twin needle seam. But knowing myself, I'll think about it and will never get to it. And I kind of like the contrasting color on the hem.

The fabrics are both cotton jersey. I got the red one from Abakhan years ago and I bought the white one from my local fabric shop. I'm kind of sad that I won't see the red flowers on my stash shelf anymore but hey, I've got an awesomesauce shirt now. SUCK IT STASH!

What have you been up to? Any tips on great stash busting patterns?

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