Sunday, 25 May 2014

Self Drafted Last Year's Maxi dress for Moi.

I made something for myself! Well..Technically I made it last year. But couldn't enjoy it because after the second time I wore it I had huge grass stains on it(thanks bro). But. After some magic and tips from ze interwebz I got them out! Mission Impossible doesn't seem so impossible after all...

Some of you might recognize it as the background on my Kollabora profile and I used the print as my background on the blog's Facebook page. When I saw that colorful printed rayon jersey on white background in my local fabric shop, I fell in love with it(to my surprise). I'm not exactly a big fan of pink and purple. But for some reason, this fabric was calling my name. The sad thing about it was that there was only half a meter of it left. Which I was devastated about. But I could't let it go and still bought it. After some thinking I thought that it's perfect for a maxi dress and decided to pair it with regular white jersey.

 I added an elastic waistband which I sewed into a tunnel I made from a strip of fabric that was left over from one of the sides. I really wanted to use the side as it just screams "Use me!" and it brings a nice beltlike look into the garment. I sewed yokes with facings into the neckline and armhole. The whole dress is serged and the bottom is hemmed with the twin needle. I drafted the pattern myself as the whole dress was a bit of a puzzle, so I had to wing it.

I've got to say. For a person who detests pink and purple around her body, I really love this dress. So I guess, what they say is really true. Never say never.

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