Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Self Drafted Jersey dress and rayon dress

Heya. The weather is so awesome here! We are experiencing a little heat wave and for the first time this year I feel like it's summer! And I've got the sunburn marks on my shoulder to prove it(garden work in the sun..aaahhh)

Anywho. Today I want to show you two dresses I made. Without my usual long rant, I'm going to get straight to the business.

So the first dress is made of double layered rayon knit with textured top layer. The dress has a seam line under the bust. There are also seam lines in the skirt, in front of the bodice and in the center back. The dress has a sweetheart neckline. Due to the fact that I was running VERY low on the fabric, I had to make seams into the center of the sleeves and in the inside of the sleeves as well. You get creative in desperate situations :D I finished the neckline with a facing and used my twin needle to hem the sleeves and the  bottom of the dress.

 The second dress is made from a light rayon fabric with a bit of texture in it and with a fun but modest print. I used the same pattern(which I drafted myself) but as you can see there's quite a bit of difference. The only pattern-wise alteration I did, was ditch the seam line under the bust and add princess lines. But other than that it's the same. But the fabric choice plays a huge difference in the overall result. The neckline is really a sweetheart(instead of a rectangleish shape like on the jersey dress because of the fabric weight) and the skirt part falls and drapes more beautifully. I finished the neckline with a facing and hemmed the bottom of the dress and the sleeves with rolled hem.

For both dresses I serged the seam allowances and didn't use any fastenings as the dresses are loose enough to be able to simply throw on without fussing with zippers.


  1. Both dresses are lovely and the colors are beautiful. Isn't it amazing how a different fabric affects the appearance of a garment?

    1. Yes. Fabric choice can make all the difference in the world :)