Friday, 31 July 2015

Moar Shorts+ NEWS!

Hello internet friends. I am sorry for being absent for the last few weeks. It was all for awesome reasons which I'll explain further down the post. Until then. Ready. Get set. Shorts!

In the hopes of having a nice and warm summer like the last few years, I came prepared this year. However. The weather has been awful and I can count the times I have worn shorts on one hand. Either way, I made awesome shorts! Again, they are Tap Shorts by Katy&Laney. What can I say. If the pattern fits me and checks all the boxes, then why not make it a million times til it makes me sick?

Compared to my last version, I made no changes. And exactly like the last time, I omitted the pockets and kept the design simple with simply relying on the topstitching.

Oh- My- God. Look at that butt.

So what else can I say? I like the pattern, I love the shorts and I wish I could wear them more often. Tho I made a promise to myself. I will not make the view C anymore. Next time I will try out the view A or B.

And now. To the reason why I have been absent. I got married! We signed the papers and were officially announced husband and wife on the 17th of July. And on the 18th of July we held the reception for our family and friends. The days leading up to it were insanely busy. I had anticipated them to be a bit busy but things got slightly out of control and I had to put some things on the shelf for a bit. But I wouldn't change it in the world. The day(s) were perfect and I am so happy to be married to my best friend. I made a lot of things for the wedding. Including my dress. I had planned on making Mr.Man's suit as well, but I had to give up on the idea due to running out of time. I did start making it, so I will finish it. A longer wedding stuff post is coming up. I promise.

Until then, Kisses.


  1. The shorts fit perfectly on you! Impressive! Wow! But above all, congratulations for your wedding!! I'm so happy for you!