Thursday, 29 May 2014

Me-Made-May 14 Week 4 Roundup(19th - 25th)

I know-I know. The 5th week is almost over, and I'm yet to post the 4th week. But I've been super busy. But better late, than never, right?
19th of May.
20th of May.

21st of May.

22nd of May

23rd of May.

24th of May

25th of May
19th of May:
revamped jean shorts(unblogged).
kimono shirt(present), flip-flops(bought from a fair)

20th of May:
Revamped(and painted) shorts(unblogged).
Wonder Woman T-shirt(ordered online(brain won't tell me,where exactly I ordered it from. DOH)), flip-flops.

21st of May:
Black circle skirt, T-shirt(local boutique), flip-flops(fair)

22nd of May:
Revamped button-up shirt(to be blogged), black jean shorts(Terranova). (I wore the flip-flops again, haha)

23rd of May:

24th of May:
Maxidress, wedge shoes(present)

25th of May:
A day of working in the garden.
Polly Top wearable muslin(to be blogged), jean shorts.

The month is almost over and a part of me will be SO relieved when MMM14 is over. No more well calculated and limited options on what to wear. I have a pretty good idea what my thoughts on my month will be. But more about that in the roundup post of the last week.


  1. You've done a great job with MMM and congratulations on your new dressform!