Thursday, 1 October 2015

Our Wedding : The First Day

Happy Thursday! Welcome to part two of Our Wedding trilogy. The First Day.

Our rings. Simple like us.
Our wedding technically lasted two days. Due to distances and various other reasons we got officially married in the Registrar's Office on the 17th of July and held the reception and party on the 18th of July. So to save everyone time, money and the trouble, we decided to invite only our parents, siblings and their children to the registration and have a small barbecue in our place.

What I wore. Burdastyle Lace Waist Dress. As the registration was a small gathering and there was going to be grilled foods later(and I am a massive klutz who spills everything) I decided not to wear my real wedding dress and pulled out this beautiful dress. It's white, it's pretty. What else do you want? I did wear my real wedding shoes. I'm a mostly practical person and right from the start decided that I wasn't going to look for over the top shoes for my wedding. Instead I wanted something with a medium height heel so I could be on my feet for the whole party without wanting to chop off my legs after five minutes. And I wanted the shoes to be simple enough to be worn after the wedding. And I achieved that. I found brand new shoes on sale for 30€. They were the last pair of this model and by luck exactly my size. It was meant to be.

Mr.Man. At first I had planned on sewing his suit as well. I actually got started on the jacket, but decided to finish it later after the wedding. I could have pushed through and finish it in time but together we decided that being relaxed, stress free and focused on other things was more important. So on the first day he wore his RTW suit pants, a dress shirt, light suede leather shoes and a dark belt. I think he looked so handsome.

My hair. Mr.Man's cousin who is currently living in Australia, took the 20something hours trip and flew here for the wedding as a surprise to everyone. We kept it as a secret from everyone. Sneaky. The same week when we found out she's coming here, my hairdresser cancelled my time with her. Yikes. But as luck would have it, Mr.Man's cousin is an awesome hairdresser. And she was kind enough to do my hair for both days. On the first day she and I decided to go for a more simple look with curls, some braids and a few pearls in my hair. I wish she did my hair every day.

The Flowergirls. Mr.Man's nieces were our two flower girls. And their mom's asked me whether I'd be making their dresses or should they look for something online. And I decided that if I would find a pattern that would work, I'd make the dresses. I had enough of the same lace I used for my dress, and paired it with a more peachy toned main fabric. The pattern I used was BurdaStyle 07/2014 #136 The construction of the dress was quite well instructed in the magazine. The only issue I had was the sizing being off. Based on the girls' measurements I picked their sizes and sewed the smaller girl's muslin dress first for her to try it on. And it was big for her. So I went down a size for her. And I decided that as the girls' measurements placed them one size apart, I would try on the muslin dress for the bigger girl as well. And the dress fit her. So beware with the sizing of this dress. You might want to go down a size. The girls also wore black jersey boleros on top of their dresses. The girl holding the rose is wearing a bolero I made her a year ago. The girl with orange lilies is wearing a rtw bolero.

With our beautiful Flowergirls

The first day went by so fast but not without a hitch. My parents went to the wrong place. So when the registration was supposed to start, I had to call my parents. "Where are you?" "We'll be right there, we went to the City Hall". Not sure why. The invites had addresses printed on them. But I guess that's something we can always share a laugh about when remembering our wedding. After the short 20 minute registration ceremony, we were officially married and headed back home where we shared a good meal and a glass(or two) of champagne.

Negotiations have been successful and the contract has been signed. Goofballs

Thank you for reading. This has been the second part of Our Wedding story. Here are all the parts.
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