Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Quick tip: Easier way to make belt loops.

Today I want to share an easy way how to sew belt loops with minimal effort but still perfect result.
I started to use this method while I was still studying tailoring and I felt kind of lazy and sometimes being lazy creates the best results.

The main thing that I do differently is how I cut out my fabric for the loops. I've seen with a lot of patterns that they let you cut out the loop fabric in the size for one loop and you have to cut out a million little pieces but I cut them in one long strip. Anyways. Let's get to work!

 Step one:
Get your fabric, shears(or rotary cutter+your rotary cutter board), ruler, chalk, interfacing and most importantly your enthusiasm

Step two:
Make sure your fabric is in one layer. Now measure a strip on the fabric. The width is the width of the loop and the length is the length of one loop times the amount of loops you need. I like to use 3cm as the width(that's 1,5cm wide loop after sewing) and usually I calculate one loop as 9-10cm long and usually I use 6 loops. So in my case the strip is 3cm*63cm(I like to add a few extra cm into the length, so I can get clean edges for all loops.

Step three:
Cut out the interfacing and fuse it to the wrong side of the fabric.

Step four:
Use your overlocker/serger to serge the long sides of the strip(like above)

Ps. All the pictures for step four are super yellow. Like holy mother of yellow. I guess it has to do with the lights on that spot. Sigh

Step five:
Flirt with your iron and make the serged edges meet in the center of the strip(I like to press it into half, then press one side so that the edge is touching the center line from the last pressing and then I make the other edge touch the first edge). NB! Do not use your iron directly on your table.

Step six:
Topstitch through the whole length of the strip two times so that both edges are stitched down. Use a longer stitch length and try to get the seam as straight as you can.

Step seven:
Now you have a lovely long strip of belt loops that should look something like this. Don't worry if your serged edges aren't perfectly in the middle. As long as they are in the stitch line and not visible on the right side, you're golden.

Step voila!
Measure your strip into the needed length of your loops, cut the strip into individual little strips and ta-dah! You are ready to sew them on your awesomesauce garment.

I hope my directions were clear(I'm not the best at explaining things, haha) and some of you will try to use this method as well. Sewing individual loops is so boring and tedious, I find this much funner.

Happy sewing!

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