Thursday, 1 September 2016

Hailey Dress

The weather today is absolutely horrible, so I'm going to look at photos taken on a nice summer day and talk about a pretty dress. Maybe it'll make the weatherman feel guilty and make the weather nice again?

This is the Hailey dress. Made from my bodice block(which I also used for this dress). The fabric is a lovely lightweight linen and cotton blend that I bought with the idea of a simple dress. And finally it became what it was destined for - a dress with a fitted bodice and gathered skirt.

The bodice is lined with a light cream cotton fabric. The raw seam allowances of the skirt are serged and the hem is also serged and then turned back and stitched down. The dress fastens with an invisible zipper in the center back.

I love this dress so much. It's one of my most worn pieces of the summer and I am no where near being done with it. The only downside of Hailey is that the fabric is so light that it flows a bit too much in the wind and I've had a few incidents where I've gotten VERY close to pulling a Monroe. Maybe I should sew a strip of lace to the hemline to weigh it down?


  1. Very pretty fabric! I've had the same problem with full skirts hemmed with narrow hems. They go with the wind. I like finishing with bias tape now

    1. Thank you. With heavier fabrics the wind isn't much of an issue but this fabric is so light that it just flies everywhere when there's even a hint of wind. Thanks for the tip, I thought about adding bias tape but thought that maybe it'll make the hem look heavy and stiff? But I'll pin it sometime and see how it looks.

  2. Your fabric is sooo pretty! I hope you'll find a solution to your problem.

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