Friday, 20 May 2016

Pleated Tartan Skirt

Once upon a time I scored this nice wool and viscose blend fabric with colorful tartan pattern. The issue was what to do with it. I only had about 0,45 cm of it. One day I was looking at the Lace Waist Dress which was hanging in my closet and had the idea of using the skirt pattern pieces and making this fabric into a cute little skirt.

I cut the skirt as long as I possibly could and did no further fit changes than I did on the dress. However I drafted a waistband and cut it out from a plain black fabric from my stash. I inserted an invisible zipper in the center back seam and serged all the seams. I hemmed the skirt with invisible stitching by hand.

I love this skirt to pieces. And I'm pretty darn happy with the pattern matching. It was a pain(especially when it came to zipper insertion) but super rewarding in the end. Also after three wears the zipper broke(booo, bad zipper!) and the skirt travelled back to the UFO pile. However after a while I unpicked the zipper and inserted a new one and *knock on wood* three months later it's holding up just fine. Yay!