Thursday, 6 August 2015

Ombre Chuck

Yes. More knitting projects posted in the summer. Cause....I don't know. Reasons?

I am happy to welcome Chuck into my wardrobe. It's a pattern made by Andi Satterlund and it's knit top down with no seaming. There is something that really speaks to me in Andi's patterns. Some of it has to do with the construction but the design is on point as well. However, I feel like soon I might have to venture out to find other designers as well. So if you know any knitting patterns similar to hers with a vintage vibe, hit me up ;)

For my version I knit up a size M using an ombre yarn from my stash. However as it was too thin to get the gauge right so I knit it together with the same cream Acrylic& Angora Goat Hair yarn I used for my Mint Myrna

At first the cables in the front looked quite intimidating. I have knit some cables in the past but nothing this big. But it flew off my needles after a while when I got a sense of the pace and the feel of the cables.

So. Am I happy with this sweater? Yes. Will I knit another one some day? Probably.

Ps. Sorry for not blogging on Monday and Wednesday. My PC broke and I have to blog on the phone until it gets fixed. Luckily I have pre-uploaded all the pictures of projects I have photographed.

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