Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Mickey and Pintuck Fun Summer Tee

Last summer I discovered a cool (and free) T-shirt pattern called Fun Summer Tee. I sewed it up once and was completely in love with it and I promised to return to the pattern one day. Well, I can say that day has arrived. Twice.

First is the Mickey Tee. For this I used up the last piece of the fabric I had left over from the Monochromatic Mickey shirt. I paired it with a plain white cotton jersey from my stash. I chose to use the Mickey fabric for the back piece as it extends to the front over the shoulders and both sides get to have some Mickey action.

Oh Mickey, You're so fine. You're so fine, you blow my mind. Hey Mickey! Hey Mickey!

For my second version I used a piece of pintucked jersey I made about four(or so) years ago for a project and paired it with a plain black cotton&viscose blend knit. I sewed the pintucks in opposite directions every five centimeters to add a bit more texture to the shirt. 

I am really happy with both versions and they are in constant rotation in my wardrobe. This is one of the reasons why the Fun Summer Tee pattern is so great. It's great for stash busting and using up pieces that are too small for a whole project but too big to discard.

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