Monday, 10 November 2014

Sewvember 2014: Week one

Amanda from Bimble and Pimple came up with an awesome idea for a month long project of daily Instagram pictures with different themes every day. Real Me isn't a huge fan of social media but Fooniks loves Instagramming her sweing adventures on IG. So I joined in on the fun. And as not everyone uses Instagram(or follows me there), I decided to do a roundup post of each week so you can take a mini peek at my daily sewing world/the insides of my brain/my sewing cave.

Day 1 : Sewing space
I took the weekend off from sewing and put my machines to sleep. I covered them in their blankets and they got a good sleep. On the right is my industrial sewing machine. He dreamt of sewing a winter coat. Then next is my serger. She dreamt of different comfy jersey tops and sweaters. And last(but not least) is my home sewing machine. She dreamt of finally sewing those button holes on the shirt that has been hanging on the hanger for about two months all ready only lacking buttonholes. So this is the space I sew at.

Day 2 : Technique
I shared my favorite technique for attaching lining to front facing. I use a bias tape to finish the raw edge of the facing. I sew the bias tape to the facing, then baste it down, then baste the lining under the facing and bias tape and then use top stitching to sew it all together. I love the look of this and I think it looks way prettier than usual method.

Day 3 :  Stash
So this is my fabric stash. On top: jerseys, silks, rayons, suit, coat, lining and dress fabrics. On bottom left: fabrics for PJs, tea towels, bedsheets and other household sewing. Bottom right: fabrics that need to be prewashed. About a year ago I had about one third of the fabric I have now. I counted about 350 meters of fabric in total in my stash. I admit. I have a problem and I'm going to try not to buy any more fabric(unless I don't have the kind of fabric I need). So I'm going on a fabric diet. But I have no will power so I'm going to predict it's not going to be exactly successful. 

Day 4 : WIP
I have many things in works at the same time. Some of them are muslins, some are real articles of clothing. But the one I was working on the Fourth of Sewvember is this little Hawthorn blouse. It's kind of a wearable muslin and I cut it out from an ugly ass skirt that my gran gave me. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with this thing. It's fully lined and will be wearable two sided. Who makes their muslins two sided? This girl! I should get my brain scanned.

Day 5 : Tools 
A proper tool can make or break a project. And these are my most used tools. Well. Along with pressing tools that are not pictured because I had a brain fart and forgot to include those in the picture. Hurr-durr. But here are all my cutting tools(for fabric on the left and paper on the right), my trusted seam rippers and pins. My marking tools and measuring tools. And my fray stopper(or fray stoppa like spelled on the bottle. I kind of like  Fray Stoppa better, it sounds cooler) These are my homies and always in my bag if I have to go and sew in a different location.

Day 6. MEEEEE!!
Hi. I'm weird. Derp. Sometimes I feel like the Derp Song is my life soundtrack. My brain goes a million miles a minute and this pretty much describes what goes on in my brain. On the surface I look like  a normal human being, on the inside lives this silly creature who likes to cross her eyes for the fun of it. Also. I got new glasses!

Day 7 : Insides
This is what the inside of my sewing machine looks like. I see this every time I clean my machine. The big thing filled with yellow thing is the oil reservoir. That's one of the bright sides of industrial machines. There are oil tanks where the machine takes oil to lubricate itself automatically. All I have to do is make sure the tank isn't empty. Once the tank is full it lasts about a year or so. Which is brilliant. Only if it's not refilled and the machine runs with zero oil, it can make the engine to crash and go on a strike. So..Better keep an eye on this pee colored thing.

So this was the first week of my sewing world/my brain. I actually really like this challenge. It makes me think of things I usually don't think about and see things from a different perspective. Also it's a great way to stalk people's sewing spaces. Yay for stalking!

Are you participating in Sewvember? Let me know so I can creepily stalk follow you on Instagram.

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