Friday, 29 August 2014

Simplicity one-eight-zero-fail

My pc is fine now! Yay! Back in June I made a wearable muslin for the Simplicity 1803 dress I made for the Outfit Along. For it I used a gray linen and polyester blend with orange roses.

I used the view A pattern with cap sleeves. The dress has pockets and I decided to add the narrow tie belt pieces as well. The fit was good overall but I needed to make the yoke and top of the bodice a bit narrower as I saw that the fabric was bulking a bit. All the seams are overlocked, for hemming the sleeves and bottom of the dress I used rolled hem. For the facings and pocket fabrics I used white viscose fabric I had a few scraps lying around.

Now let me tell you why this project is a fail. The fabric is a nightmare. If the seam goes wrong and unpicking is needed, the fabric gets holes and pulling where the old seam line was. And that with a 75 needle. The fibers of the fabric start to shift really easily and once they do, the fabric looks like poo. I guess the linen and polyester don't really like each other and they fight a lot and make the fabric look ugly where a battle of wills has taken place. Luckily I got the fabric from the "treasure chest" in the local fabric shop so it was dirt cheap. But I've worn the dress three times and the fabric has shifted around the waistline and in some of the skirt seams so now it just looks ugly. At first I thought that the shifting was only in the waist line and maybe the waist was a bit too snug, but I didn't feel like it was too snug and when I found the shifting in the skirt areas where there's no pulling, I realized that the fabric is at fault here.  I still like the print tho, it comes in yellow as well, I want to get it but I'm scared it'll ruin my work again. *sigh*

Sooooo. This is happening all over the place. :(

But I still love the pattern. I guess I have a dress for wearing at home when I feel like dressing up but don't want to risk my other clothes with food stains or whatever stains I might encounter(I'm clumsy, stains happen)

Have you ever encountered something like this? Has a fabric quality ever ruined your projects?


  1. I love that fabric, too bad it's such a nightmare for sewing and wearing :( it's great idea to wear it at least at home.. the dress looks great :)
    a couple days ago one of my aunts gave me an old Burda issue 06/2006, and one dress caught my eye it has a similar cutout at front as your dress :) now it's on my to make list.. I'll just change the skirt..

    1. Yes, such a shame. But at least I have a pretty house dress :)

      Ooooh, yees, that looks nice. I can't wait til you get to it, your makes are always so beautiful :)

  2. Well, I can't see any needle holes ;) and I would imagine no one would see them in person either. The dress is just to sweet to live out its life in the house.

    1. The needle holes aren't as much the issue as the shifting of the fabric fibers. I've edited the post and added a picture of what is happening in the seams. The lady at the fabric shop said that she has heard that a lot of the people who have purchased the fabric have had a similar issue :(