Sunday, 2 March 2014



Yesterday I had a busy-busy day. There was a boy who turned 8 yesterday and had a party in the evening for family. And one thing he really-really wanted was red jeans which is pretty hard to find for kids where I come from. I had an epiphany and I remembered that somewhere in the bottom of my closet is a pair of red jeans I never wear anymore. And as our finances are limited I thought that I'm going to be creative. So I spent my day on dismantling my old jeans and making them fit for the kid. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera yesterday so I couldn't take any progress pictures. But I promise I'll post pics of finished product as soon as I get my camera back along with the pictures of the jeans what we took at the party. So stay tuned.

Meanwhile. A little teaser.

What's this? What is this gorgeous thing? Well let me tell you. This is a sneak preview to the inside of a mens suit jacket. I made this about a year ago and it was my first. More detailed pictures coming soon.

Now I have to get back to my studio to bring you all some new projects. Fake fur, lace, leather buttonholes and jackets. Are they one or different things? You'll find out soon enough. ;)

Yours truly,

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