Monday, 26 September 2016

Floral Archer Wearable Muslin & Ginger Jeans

Oh my God. Here I was thinking the post went up on Friday. Guess who forgot to press "Publish?" Yikes.

Heya. This post is about a match made in sewing heaven. A button up shirt called Archer and jeans called Ginger. These two are making a frequent appearance in my outfit rotation and let me tell you more about them.

The shirt pattern is the Archer Button Up shirt from Grainline Patterns. For my version I sewed up View A in size 10 in the bust and 8 in the waist and hips. As this is a wearable muslin, I picked a vintage rayon fabric I wasn't too sure about whether I'd like on me or not so if it did end up not fitting me at all, I wouldn't end up wasting a fabric I loved. In the end the fit was pretty good and I love the fabric on me. For my next version I'll need to shorten the shoulders by 1cm and work on the fit of the sleeves.

The issue I have with these sleeves is mainly the width. They are just simply too wide especially at the cuffs. And I'd like to have the sleeves a tad shorter as well. However these aren't issues that bother me enough to take the sleeves apart, just something I'd need to fix on the pattern so the next time I make an Archer, it'll fit me perfectly.

I finished the raw edges with my trusted overlocker and hemmed the shirt with rolled hem. And I decided to use a cornflower blue thread for topstitching just because I can. And it matched perfectly with the blue flowers in the print and also with the blue buttons I chose for the shirt.

The jeans are Ginger Jeans by Closet Case Files and they are my second Ginger jeans which meant I had almost no fit adjustments to do because I got the fit pretty close with my Marble Gingers. The only adjustment I did this time was tweak the crotch seam shape a bit for a better fit and now  I think it's pretty close to perfect. The seams are finished with overlock and I chose a bronze denim topstitching thread to make the jeans look professional. I also installed bronze rivets that match the topstitching thread

The fabric is a simple blue denim I found in the remnant bin and has just enough stretch to be comfortable. Unfortunately it is very prone to pilling and I need to clean up the pills after every two or so washes.

And don't forget! You have until the end of September (01.10.2016 00.00 GMT+3) to get your items from my shop with a 20% discount! 


  1. Love the jeans and the top is too cute to be a muslin. So happy you can wear it :)

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