Monday, 5 October 2015

Summer Rush Skirt

I was approached by a woman who had a skirt problem which was she needed one for her holiday in Greece. Only problem was she was leaving in a week. Time management at its finest. But as she wanted a relatively simple maxi skirt, I decided to give her a hand and bump her up the work list.

She wanted a skirt that would flow and be wide at the bottom but wouldn't have any gathers or pleats at the top. And it was supposed to be held up with a wide lycra waistband that would cover half of her hips. So I measured the piece of fabric she brought me and decided to cut out a semi circle skirt.

Another problem arose when it came to lining. The main fabric was quite sheer and would become slightly seethrough in natural lighting, so it needed a lining. But the customer didn't want the lining to be as big as the skirt as it would create too much volume in the bottom and she was scared it would show when the main fabric would move around in the wind. She also hated the idea of a half lining that reaches only the knees. So we agreed that I'd cut out an a-line lining and we'll see how she feels about that. Luckily she liked it and the lining issue was solved.

All the seams were finished with my trusted serger and the hems were roll hemmed.


  1. Wonderful skirt! I like pattern with flowers, it really tender and beautiful. I think that this skirt owner will be really happy