Friday, 7 March 2014

Miserable and wouldn't change it for anything.


This week(and for some more time) I am miserable in my studio. But as it's all a part of a bigger, more awesomener and better picture, I can't really complain. I'll give you a sneek peek at what I am working on( of the things I am working on...)
This thing will be my undoing. Actually it's two garments but they are the same when it comes to the pattern. A week ago a woman came to me and wanted me to oomph up her two coats. This means that I am now working on fake fur and genuine leather. And for some odd reason. I am allergic to sewing leather(not wearing, but sewing!!) I can wear leather, but when I'm sewing it, my nose starts to think that it is actually a garden hose and let's just say that I sneeze more than an average dog barks in a day. Weird, I know. And if I have fur or fake fur or anything like that around my face, my nose starts to itch. I have a weird nose and I need a new one!

But I kind of like how the coats are transforming and I think the end result will be quite eye catching. Can't wait to finish it! :)

Do you have any materials your body refuses to work with? What kind of fabrics do you avoid like it has the leprosy?



  1. Hope you'll be showing off the results of the revamp to the coats, I'd love to see a before & after! My material nemesis is silk --- can't wear it, can't sew it. Makes me very itchy, watery-eyed and so sneezy.

    1. I'll definitely dedicate a whole new post for this nightmare of a project once it's done(unless I have scratched my eyes out :P

      Does it apply to 100% silk or to blends as well?